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Hyper local ads

An article about how a super PAC is trying to create hyper local ads to help Dems in rural, local elections.From Impact 2020. " Already, officials with the group said they have raised $21 million for the effort while deploying staffers to three of presidential...

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Current Public Service


  • All are Welcome in Lewisburg, 2018
    Founder of this coalition to steer a nondiscrimination ordinance through the local borough council in 2018.


  • Member, Pennsylvania Together, 2018 -
  • Member, Equality PA, 2018 -
  • Member, Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation, 2018 -
  • Stakeholder, Trailblazers PAC 2019 -


  • Councilmember, Lewisburg Borough Council, 2018 -
  • Alternate Commissioner, Buffalo Valley Regional Police Authority, 2018 -
  • Commissioner, Shade Tree Commission, 2018 -