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My research and writing (MA in Sociology; PhD in Management) have analyzed how organizations, networks, and movements work and how they work together. In my scholarship, I apply this framework to social entrepreneurs, to international aid workers, to terrorist organizations, and to community associations. My goal is to better understand how real change happens.

Book Notes: Practical Network Theory for Organizing

In my quest to synthesize network theory and social movement research for usable tools, I pulled three books off my shelf to revisit which ones will help with this. They are:  Networks of Courage and Hope by Manuel CastellsCommunities and Networks by Katherine...

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Data Collection Aphorism

One part of teaching I love is when the process of vocalizing ideas leads me to say something I never heard but sounds good.

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Small Brained Managers – Are They Out There? Porac and Tschang

In a nutshell, the essay points out that the idea of “bounded rationality,” so famous and groundbreaking for organization science (especially the “Carnegie School“) has run its course in part because it puts too restrictive of a model on our operating metaphor of cognition.

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Social Movement Theory and Terrorism

I have been chipping away at an article for awhile now on terrorism as an organizational activity. Part of my argument is to understand terrorism as at times a social movement.

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