Hyper local ads

An article about how a super PAC is trying to create hyper local ads to help Dems in rural, local elections.From Impact 2020. ” Already, officials with the group said they have raised $21 million for the effort while deploying staffers to three of presidential...

Rural Organizing.Org

I met Matt Hildreth, the founder, at the 2019 Netroots conference in Philadelphia. Later, I heard him discuss his group’s work around framing in it’s “Conversation Guide” group when it’s founder, Matt Hildreth came on a group call of the Indivisible Rural...


Netcentric is a word I coined, I think, to describe approaching organizing and action while conscious  of networks.

Eating My Yard

My son, Aley, has been interested in edible landscapes. He pulled up some garlic mustard from our yard — yes it is a weed!